About the SMS Band Program

SMS offers an extensive instrumental music program including a band at every grade level (6-8), a jazz ensemble that meets each day during the RTI hour, and an extracurricular basketball band.

The Sixth Grade Beginning Band is a course with emphasis on teaching students proper playing technique and music reading. No prior musical experience is necessary for participation in Beginning Band. The Beginning Band gives an “informance” on the first concert of the school year, performs in the winter concert, and ends the year performing on the spring concert.

The Seventh Grade Band is the intermediate level band at SMS. The class continues to emphasize proper playing technique and music reading while playing more challenging literature and focusing on ensemble musicianship. The Seventh Grade Band performs a on a concert each quarter and participates in SMS’s annual Veteran’s Day assembly.

The Eighth Grade Band is the advanced level band at SMS. Students continue to develop their playing skills and ensemble musicianship skills. Technique, music reading, and musicianship are developed while exploring higher level music. The Eighth Grade Band performs a on a concert each quarter and participates in SMS’s annual Veteran’s Day assembly.

RTI Jazz Band meets every morning during the RTI period at SMS. Seventh and eighth grade students must audition for membership in this group. Students must place into Tier 1 RTI and maintain academic eligibility to participate in this ensemble. While the group studies and plays jazz literature, all instruments are encouraged to audition and participate. Students wishing to participate in RTI Jazz Band on a secondary instrument must have a discuss the possibility with the director prior to auditioning.

The SMS Basketball Band is an extracurricular ensemble that rehearses and performs at select basketball games during second quarter. Basketball Band membership is open to all interested seventh and eighth grade band students willing to commit to the rehearsal and performance schedule. Rehearsals typically take place on Thursdays after school and the group performs for select varsity basketball games on varying evenings.

Weekly Practice Challenges (Week of April 13)

Challenge 1- Start on a Concert Bb and learn "Happy Birthday" by ear (without sheet music).



Challenge 2- Name That Tune! Post a video of yourself playing a recognizable melody. Don't tell us what it is-let other people guess!


Challenge 3- Text or email Miss Elgass a recording of one piece of band music (that we haven't played) that you really love. You can search Youtube or JW Pepper. The music doesn't have to be middle school level, but it CAN be!

SMS Pep Band Music

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